Nineteenth Century Gilt Wood Mirror Restoration

Here at Surrey Antiques we are very pleased to have recently completed an extensive restoration project for a prominent client.

Nineteenth Century Gilt Mirror Frame Nineteenth Century Gilt Mirror CarvingNineteenth Century Gilt Mirror

One of the major pieces requiring very comprehensive restoration was a 9’6” tall by 6’ wide nineteenth century gilt wood mirror. Having spent at least the last 15 years in storage due to its fragile condition, it had to be completely dismantled before the structural repairs could be carried out.

All missing carvings were replaced, the gilded surface gently cleaned and all new elements gessoed before being gilded and toning in to match the original finish.

The original mirror plates were cleaned, refitted and the frame reassembled before fitting into its purpose made transit case for delivery and safely hanging on the same wall it left 15 years previously.